Escargot — a bright masterpiece of French cuisine

Refined French cuisine offers many bright dishes, one of which is a delicate and aromatic escargo. It is appreciated, however, not only in France, but also in Spain, Italy (which many centuries ago became the homeland of this dish from snails) and many other Mediterranean countries.

The basis of escargo is snails. This is a versatile dish. It can be either an exquisite delicacy in an expensive restaurant, or a snack at banquets and receptions. A beautiful presentation of the dish makes it an adornment of any table.

The first mention of escargo dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, when the famous chef prepared snails for the yard, and to hide their harsh taste, he used garlic and herbs. This also made it possible to soften the snail fillet and to decorate the appearance of the dish. The taste of escargo will depend on the ingredients. The price of snails varies by type — in France, Helix Aspersa Muller (small gray) is most often used, and a grape snail (also known as Burgundy or Roman) is also suitable.

Thus, the young but promising chef Marie-Antoine Karem managed to turn ordinary soldier’s food into a delicacy that fell to the taste of the French nobility.

Like many other snail dishes, escargo is distinguished by its dietary composition. After all, snails are an easily digestible ingredient. It has a large percentage of protein (about 15%) and a minimum percentage of fat (about 2.5%).

How are escargos cooked and served?

Before cooking, rinse the snails, and boil them using seasonings and herbs. After that, the snails are taken out of the sink. And then the magic begins.

Few French dishes do not require the addition of butter. However, it is not so simple. The main taste of escargo is given by the so-called «green oil». It is prepared very simply. Beat butter with a little garlic and herbs (parsley, basil, etc.) and refrigerate briefly.

The escargo is “collected” in three layers: oil, snail, oil. All this is placed in sinks for further baking (5-10 minutes in the oven will be enough).

By the way, a fresh baguette is often used for serving, on the slices of which the escargos are laid out. You can serve the dish directly in the sink, however, for this you should also put special tongs on the table — without them, getting a snail is terribly inconvenient.

Well, what French dish is served without a glass of wine? Under escargos from grape snails, it is important to carefully choose a drink without tannins and with a pleasant acidity. Best of all, a dry white wine is combined with a snail dish.

We suggest you try snails grown on a farm in Western Ukraine away from dust and industrial emissions. Environmentally friendly air and the use of natural feed allows you to get high-quality snails.

We recommend everyone to buy or cook escargos to enjoy the delicate texture and rich aroma of fresh herbs with garlic.